This is part of the group report for IMT3950008 Wayfinding. Pictograms were designed by me using Adobe Illustrator as a suggestion for a potato manufacturing factory, HOFF in Gjøvik for wayfinding improvement.



The design of the icons is closely related to the real-world objects, and capsuled in the shape of a hexagon are designed with sharp edges to match the Frutiger font characteristics.

The pictograms are uniformly designed in white color on dark background. The color combination gives high contrast, and is visible and recognizable The pictograms can be used as identification, information or directional signs depends on the placement.

Directional signs which includes directional arrows are usually mounted on wall or overhead sign boards. Identification signs used to inform the destination such as toilet and canteen, typically placed on the door. Information signs such as clean zone informs users the building features usually wall-mounted.

Door-mounted: 150mm x 150mm; Wall-mounted: 300mm x 300mm.

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