Drone Wiki

Team: Ann-Kristin Scheibe, Chian Huoy Low, Lars Middel & Yijie Zhou

This is the second project of IMT 4314 Methods in User-Centered Design, to create an online platform which gather all drone enthusiasts, drone researcher and drone end-users.

In order to have wide coverage of data from the target users, a recruitment survey and interview were conducted in order to learn about product and users, it is also important to gather as much information as possible regarding the existing product in terms of features, competitors and users to avoid that time will be wasted (Baxter et. al., 2015).

User research methods covered in this project include an interview, a brainstorming
session, a survey, a card sort, a heuristic evaluation and a usability test. Two interactive prototypes of Drone Wiki are created in Mobile version and Desktop version respectively by using Sketch.

Wireframe of Drone Wiki, mobile version.

Throughout the design process, paper prototype was firstly developed to have a clear insights of the features and concepts for Drone Wiki. Then the designs were intergrated into a interactive prototype in Sketch.

Both versions were tested in two usability tests and refinement were made after each usability test.


The prototype of the DroneWiki

The overall outcome of DroneWiki is satisfied, the high-fidelity interactive prototype was iterated three times based on outcomes from the user inspection methods. If you would like to test the device yourself, please click this link:

Desktop version: https://sketch.cloud/s/lKmyK/all/latest/home/play

Mobile versionhttps://sketch.cloud/s/RM5Oe/all/page-1/home-mobile/play