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Master of Science (MSc), Interaction Design

Major areas of study in Usability and human factors, User-oriented information architecture, Strategies in user-centered design, Project management, Gamification and serious games.

Thesis proposal: Development of gamification approaches to help millennials (22 – 37 years old) in financial planning.



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Bachelor of Science (BS), Cognitive Science

Cognitive science is the interdisciplinary scientific study of human mind and processes.  Specialized on human intelligence and behaviour, especially focusing on how information is represented, processed, and transformed between human and machine.

Thesis: Augmented Reality with Motion Detection for Vocabulary in Bahasa Malaysia

This research project aims to design and evaluate an Augmented Reality (AR) based book to enhance preschool children’s vocabulary learning in Bahasa Malaysia. The motion detection allows children to interact with four virtual buttons from the image target. Each virtual buttons detects user’s finger and activate the three-dimensional virtual objects that overlaid on the image target. The application was developed using Eclipse IDE, Cygwin Terminal and Vuforia Target Manager. Tests and questionnaires are used to evaluate the effectiveness of this AR application. The results are compared and discussed to gain some ideas for future development of this AR mobile application.